It’s a weird time to be going into your twenties

Cupcakes with blue swirled frosting and colourful lit birthday candles

I can both proudly and terrified-ly announced that tomorrow is my 20th birthday. To mark the occasion I’ll be having 4 friends sit in my garden, 2m away from one another. It’s not how I’d imagined starting my twenties, but…

It’s not hurting anyone, so just leave me alone.

A blue-purple sky covered in stars. A dark treeline is at the bottom of the picture.

At first glance, studying a science degree and being into astrology may seem to be a contradiction. I can already hear you screaming from the rooftops: “Astrology isn’t real!!”, “There’s no scientific evidence!!”, “They’re all just vague statements that apply to almost anyone!!”. And yes, you’re most likely right. There…

Olivia Hope

Feminist, mental health advocate, Netflix obsessed.

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