Running out of water is a very real danger. We need to fix it, right now.

Water is a seemingly endless resource. We have seas full of it, it falls from the sky (annoyingly often if you’re in the UK), and at a turn of a tap, we have as…

Medication is a tricky one when it comes to mental health. On the one hand, it’s my saviour. I’ve been taking a beta blocker for four years now, and it allows me to go about my life without palpitations, or shaky hands, or constantly feeling like a swarm of bees…

And probably every man too.

Photo of myself, sat outside in the sunshine reading a copy of The Bell Jar with a swirling aqua and pink cover.

CW: Mentions of suicide and mental illness.

I feel a little conflicted that I didn’t read The Bell Jar sooner. On the one hand, I wish I could have read it years ago, so I could have savoured it for longer. On the other, I…

In a world that wants you to hate yourself, it’s rebellion to enjoy your own reflection.

As a young girl, I did everything I could to avoid having my photo taken. I didn’t like my chubby cheeks, or my toothy grin, or the way my arms looked. And I wasn’t…

It’s a weird time to be going into your twenties

Cupcakes with blue swirled frosting and colourful lit birthday candles

I can both proudly and terrified-ly announced that tomorrow is my 20th birthday. To mark the occasion I’ll be having 4 friends sit in my garden, 2m away from one another. It’s not how I’d imagined starting my twenties, but…

All the things your momma never told you.

Two people in bed together with the sheets pulled up over their faces so that just their eyes are peeking out

If you’re from an army family you might have heard the phrase “7PS”. Everyone has their own variations but in my house, it stood for “Prior planning and preparation prevents piss poor performance.” It’s an adage that’s right for almost every situation…

It’s not hurting anyone, so just leave me alone.

A blue-purple sky covered in stars. A dark treeline is at the bottom of the picture.

At first glance, studying a science degree and being into astrology may seem to be a contradiction. I can already hear you screaming from the rooftops: “Astrology isn’t real!!”, “There’s no scientific evidence!!”, “They’re all just vague statements that apply to almost anyone!!”. And yes, you’re most likely right. There…

Here’s a hint, if you clicked on this article you’re probably at least a little bit bi.

  1. You’ve dyed your hair pink, purple, or blue. Bonus points if you’ve done all three.
  2. You sit in any number of ridiculous ways, but never with your feet on the floor. …

Spoiler alert, if you hate Carole but are all-for Joe Exotic, maybe you just hate women.

A tiger with it’s mouth open, roaring

Tiger King is the world’s latest obsession. Being stuck at home with nothing to do is fertile ground for trash TV, and boy is Tiger King the pinnacle of the genre. A cast of…

A Summary for People too Busy to Read it Themselves

Have a few more minutes to spare? Read it in 8 minutes instead, below the line.

Photo of a woman reading a book looking out over a lake

Read It In 2 Minutes:

  • Some schemes designed to improve quality of life actually harm women because they fail to account for gender differences…

Olivia Hope

Feminist, mental health advocate, Netflix obsessed.

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